Student Organize 4 Syria holds healthcare crisis panel ‘Detroit to Syria’

Students Organize 4 Syria at Wayne State holds an informative panel on March 20 about the health crisis from Syria to Detroit as a kickoff to their Syria Solidarity Week, marking the month of the sixth year anniversary of the Syrian war.

Students Organize 4 Syria at Wayne State holds an informative panel on March 20 about the health crisis from Syria to Detroit. Dr. Amjad Rass, the president of Michigan’s chapter of Syrian American Medical Society began the lecture with a background history of the revolution and 1982 Hama Massacre to the current medical crisis in Syria’s hospitals and refugee camps in surrounding countries. “I am a survivor of the Hama Massacre,” Rass said.
Dr. Rass talks about Russia’s involvement in Syria through their air campaign of phosphorus, cluster bombs and use of banned weapons since 2015.
Michigan governor candidate Dr. Abdul El-Sayed spoke on the medical issues Detroiters face from lead poisoning to lack of accessibility to healthcare at SOS’s health crisis panel.


“Detroit accounts for more than 50% of lead cases in the entire state of Michigan. At its worst, the lead providence of Flint is 7.5% at its peak, and the base line of Detroit is 9%, which is down from 19% six years ago. Why is that the case? That’s because of a failure in public health,” El-Sayed said.
Wayne State students ask the three panelists questions following the lecture.
Michigan State medical student Susan Edlibi spoke about her experiences in the refugee camps assisting Syrians to medical aid. “Imagine people who know what it’s like to live a normal lifestyle. These people used to have homes, they used to have lives, they used to have jobs, and these things were taken away from them suddenly. They were forced to flee to refugee camps and they’re stuck there with nowhere to go.”
Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Dr. Amjad Rass discuss Detroit health programs such as Medicaid during the question and answer session.

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