Hockey, the Musical!’ skates into town with Mitch Albom

A comedic musical about hockey is not the average Broadway performance.

For Detroit Free Press columnist and best-selling author Mitch Albom, “Hockey, the Musical!” came to him naturally. Albom takes on a role that many of his readers might not associate him with– comedy.

“Anyone who knew me before ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ would probably not have described me as the person who would’ve written ‘Tuesdays with Morrie,’” Albom said.

“Like everybody, I have a lot of different emotional sides, one of which is just to be funny for funny’s sake,” he said. “I don’t always have to have a big lesson behind it, so for me, this [production] is very natural. In fact, it’s a little more like who I am most of the time than a lot of the serious deep stuff.”

“Hockey, the Musical!” is a quirky 90-minute production produced by Mitch Albom and directed by his younger brother, Peter Albom. According to the press release, the production centers “five worthy hockey souls” who are put to the test to save the existence of hockey when God decides to eliminate one sport and an angel decides it’s hockey.

The production manages not only to bring comedy and music into one, but also to ironically break racial and gender stereotypes. Phenomenal performances were played by African-American actor and WSU alum Taurean Hogan who played the character of Duwayne and also female actress Kelsey Pohl who played Daw– both proving that hockey is not just a white man’s sport.

In contrast to Albom’s production of “Ernie,” which will be premiering for its sixth year at Detroit City Theatre, the musical is lighthearted and intended to make the audience laugh every few seconds. Albom explained that there’s only one indicator to if a comedy was done right: how much the audience laughs.

“I think people will realize how naturally funny hockey is,” Mitch Albom said. “Hockey is comedy. There’s so many weird things that happen in hockey. From the fact that they put people who do things wrong in penalty boxes, to throwing octopi, to putting the gear on — it takes a half hour just to get dressed for a hockey game.”

“I hope by now those of you hoping to see Wednesdays with Morrie in skates realize that this is not that,” Mitch Albom laughed after the show.

After the premiere, Peter Albom said working alongside his brother was “very natural.”

“Working in a show has its moments that you can kill each other,” he said. “Being brothers, we didn’t really have to go through things being taken the wrong way. We did manage to say things– but they weren’t taken the wrong way.”

According to Peter, the Albom family has always approached life with humor.

“All we did growing up were comedy shows — my sister was putting together acts, my brother was playing it and I was acting and dancing it.”

Attempting to pertain to non-sports fans as well, Mitch Albom explained that the intention of this production is to bring musical fans and sports fans together to enjoy a night of comedy.

Premiering in Detroit’s City Theatre in Hockeytown Café now through June 19th, tickets can be purchased through and are being sold for $39.50. The musical will be premiering May 19-22, with both afternoon and evening showtimes at the Detroit City Theatre.

Contact Arts and Entertainment Editor Mayssa Masri at or 248-924-7406. Follow her on Twitter: @MayssaMasri

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