GRiZ and Big Wild bring funk and electronic to the Masonic’s sold out show

Rating: 10/10

Electronic artists GRiZ, Big Wild and FKJ brought “funktronica” to the sold out show at the Detroit Masonic Temple Saturday, Dec. 19.

This year, the annual “12 Days of GRiZMAS” event featured two weeks of charity events, including a Detroit Dog Rescue visit, the gathering of 450 coats for The Shelter and three live performances this week at the Detroit Warehouse, Populux and Masonic Temple. With all proceeds going to the Little Kids Rock Foundation, the charity events have gotten much attention through social media, including a feature interview on radio station 95.5 last week. GRiZ has had much support from die-hard fans who share and live his motto “Show love, spread love.”

25-year-old electronic artist, producer and saxophonist Grant Kwiecinski, whose stage name is GRiZ, has brought waves of motion and energy to Detroit, following his recent European tour. With his yearly charity tour in his hometown, “GRiZmas” has become a fervently awaited concert by his “GRiZFam,” many who have traveled from across the country to see his performance. Touring with him, Big Wild, who is no stranger to the electronic music world.

Jackson Stell who’s known as Big Wild, previously toured with ODESZA, where he became well known. Now touring with GRiZ, he is the perfect addition to the GRiiZmas tour, where he brilliantly hyped up and brought the crowd together. Switching between several electronic instruments, the drums and a piano throughout the show, his songs varied from slow to more upbeat tempos, adding sounds from artists like Ludacris and Sylvan Esso.

Big Wild’s remix of “Hey Mami” by Esso has a variation of whistles throughout the song and a grand chorus of matchless sounds. Absorbed into his music, the intensely focused artist rarely looked up from his working masterpiece.

Ending his performance with his famous hit single “Aftergold,” Stell awed his passionate audience with the songs beautiful instrumentals and smooth beat flow. Preparing the eagerly awaiting head bobbing GRiZ fans for a memorable night.

Ida Hawk, who soon after made a guest appearance, brought strong and distinct vocals, complimenting FKJ’s sound.

GRiZ then made his entrance onto the smoky lit up stage. With LED lights that flashed according to the beat of his songs, the family-like crowd screamed and jumped in unison, with wide smiles and waving arms.

His most recently debuted album “Say It Loud” cleverly mixes dubstep, funk and a hint of jazz bringing a unique electronic sound that all genre lovers can appreciate and dance to. His songs “A Fine Way to Die” and “Love Will Follow You” were some of the highlights of the night, complimenting each of them with his saxophone solos.

Through his learning’s from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO), Kwiecinski combined his saxophone playing with his DJ skills to create something imaginative and stand alone that was nothing less than extraordinary.

Stay updated with GRiZ through his TwitterFacebook and Instagram and listen to him on SoundCloud.

Listen to Big Wild’s music on SoundCloud and stay tuned through his social media: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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Full article via The South End


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