WSU responds to student Wi-Fi woes

Wayne State heard its students’ Wi-Fi complaints loud and clear.

The Computer & Information Technology department made Wi-Fi connection improvements in Towers Residential Suites on March 8 and will continue to improve Wi-Fi in six buildings and residency halls, according to an email from the Office of Housing & Residential Life.

Thomas Duszynski, director of C&IT Quality, Communications and Compliance, said that the combination of The South End article published last November and responses from students led to the decision to “mystery shop” high Wi-Fi usage locations and performance issues on campus.

“Based on the feedback we’ve received from students, their feedback provided us with places where we needed to dig deeper,” said Duszynski. “We made changes in the areas with the highest density of Wi-Fi users and are working down the list to address other performance issues.”

Junior history major Jeffrey Shank lives in Towers and recalled his concerns over the Wi-Fi issues.

“The worst time I ever had bad connection was a few weeks ago,” Shank said. “I was watching the Internet connection, and it was flashing on and off. I could never have a stable connection. I almost threw my laptop.”

Shank said he sees the connection steadily improving, but still has a slightly poor connection.

“In the past couple days my Internet connection hasn’t cut off as much, I guess,” Shank said. “Sometimes the bad connection makes it difficult for me to do my homework, but that was more during last month and since then it has slowly improved.”
Shank said the Internet is staying connected a little bit longer, and it doesn’t disconnect every 15 to 30 minutes anymore.

“We have seen a reduction in the number of issues being submitted via the mobile app, so that’s a good sign,” Duszynski said. “I have reached out to about a dozen individuals who have posted issues and hope that they respond with more good news.”

Freshman political science major and Towers resident Theodore Branch said he does not see much of a difference with the improvements.

“My Wi-Fi is still very poor in my dorm room, it hasn’t improved,” Branch said. “The bad connection makes it difficult for studying and completing everyday tasks for classes.”

Duszynski pointed out that C&IT are still working on the connection problems.
“There are definitely still some issues out there with Wi-Fi connection, and we hope to take care of those problems as quickly as possible,” said Duszynski. “If you’re paying to live here, you should get the best possible service that we can provide.”

Duszynski said the next residence halls undergoing Wi-Fi improvements are Leon H. Atchison Hall and Yousif B. Ghafari Hall in the coming months.

Full article via The South End:


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