Chapel Hill Victims Legacy’s Live On

I fear this world we live in. I fear the possibility that our lives can be ended because of the way we look and the way we dress; the color of skin has determined the fate and length of lives, religious beliefs have become the reason for hate crimes and acts of terrorism. People from different backgrounds are misunderstood and feared, because of ignorance and how the media portrays them, to the point where three young beautiful souls were shot in cold blood for being Muslim. It wasn’t just a hate crime, but an act of terrorism. Some media outlets tell us otherwise.

Deah, Yusor and Razan could have been people I knew my whole life. They could have been my own siblings. I could have been standing right there in their shoes the moment the trigger was pulled.

They woke up that morning without the slightest clue that it would be their last. They didn’t know that a little past five o’ clock would be some of the last breaths that they would take. That Yusor and Deah’s wedding vows to stand by each other for the rest of their lives would only last about six weeks.

I cannot come to understand, nor ever will, how a human being can shoot three people in the head. He had enough hate in his heart for a religion to take away three lives—a religion he didn’t know the first thing about. How much hate could someone possibly have for people he doesn’t know? How does he sleep at night with himself?

The horrors continue. We hear stories on the news of African Americans who are murdered by police officers and Syrian orphans being left as refugees, but what keeps us sane is the thought that it won’t happen to us. It’s time for us to realize that we are no safer than Deah, Yusor and Razan were. That racism not only still exists, but also dangerously walks in our streets.

I feel their loss as if I’ve known them. I carry their legacy as a reminder that changing others perception of us does not come easy. What we do in this life and the legacy we leave behind is the only thing that matters in this world.

They each had beautiful futures ahead, devoted their lives to helping others and were loved by their community. If our lives ended today, would we leave something behind or would we just be forgotten?


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