Free Our People

I dream of a day youth can play in flower filled gardens
With jasmine flowers woven through braided hair
And families breaking bread together at dinner

I dream of a day families can walk through the markets
With sticky hands from pistachio ice cream
Summer air filled with sweet aromas
Mango juice dripping down arms

I dream of a day families can sit once again on crowded balconies overlooking the city
Without fear of the war zone they live in
Smiles that are genuine, not forced
Beauty that can once again be admired and not feared
Happiness and contentment that lasts

I dream of a day Syrians can feel safe in their own skin
Not stripped of their rights and freedom
That they can come home to a house made from bricks
Instead of rubble of once upon a time memories

I dream of a day that government can protect instead of slaughter
That children don’t bear a day without their parents
That a mother doesn’t have to watch her infant take his last breath

I dream of a world where children don’t fall asleep to the sound of gunshots and growling bellies
Who see sunny days each morning, instead of streets of bloodshed
Who don’t see a once beautiful world that’s now plastered black

I dream of peace


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