Zero is Just a Number

You’re too thick. You’re too thin. You’re too flat. Have you heard it before? I know I have.

Did Target really expect us all to resemble that flawless bikini model from their ad? Too bad you can’t Photoshop a thigh gap in person.

Before all the makeup, plastic surgery, and computer editing, those “flawless” models look like any ordinary person you’d see on the street.

It starts with photoshopping a thigh gap, stretching arms and adding an abnormally flat stomach. It ends with “average” girls feeling sorry for themselves and binge eating to make them feel better.

Am I the only person in this world who thinks it’s abnormal for thighs not to touch?

Society has a way of setting high expectations and making us feel flawed and I couldn’t think of a worse way for us to feel about ourselves.

Seeing teenagers suffer through anorexia and bulimia saddens me. Then I see pictures of these unrealistically beautiful models everywhere I turn and it makes me cringe. I’m sick of it.

I scroll through the internet and there they are with their perfect hips and curvy bodies. I wait in line at the grocery store, there they are again. It’s as if they’re shoving their beautiful hair and flawless skin in my face, telling me I’m not good enough.

Let’s go back to the 1950’s, where plus size models like Marilyn Monroe were considered beautiful, where girls eating was nothing to be ashamed of and where looks weren’t the main focus of our lives.

Monroe, one of the sexiest women of all time was a size 12. Let that sink in. She showed us that confidence is the key to beauty.

If health is a factor in happiness, that makes me wonder if Hollywood is picking the right models.

This quest to reach a size zero leaves zero happiness.

The truth is flaws define uniqueness. Embrace these flaws with confidence, because that’s what makes us beautiful- not looking like those models.

I don’t know about you. My Friday nights will continue to be spent in my bed eating Cheez-it’s and watching Netflix, not giving a thought to how little I resemble those Cover Girl models. I refuse to allow photoshopped models in magazines tell me how I should or shouldn’t look like. Anyone with me?


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