Lea Michele Review

She blasts into a “Battlefield” like a “Canonball” with her new hit singles in her 2013 album, “Louder”.

Aiming for a new sound and intensity, Michele abandons her preppy and innocent identity as Rachel Berry on the TV series Glee. Adding spice and originality to each song, her music gives me glee.

Michele’s strong and distinctive voice definitely caught me off guard. Within minutes, she changes my view of her as being the annoying actress that I couldn’t stand, to the beautiful and sincere singer whose voice spoke to me.

Listening to her hit single “Battlefield” I felt as though I had been taken on a journey through her life, one of struggles she’s overcome. Michele manages to make typical cliche love songs seem genuine.

Her songs go anywhere from being an emotional roller coaster to making you want to get up and dance around like nobody’s watching. “You’re Mine,” one of Michele’s more upbeat songs, compliments her powerful vocals and ability to sing a wide range of notes.

Michele makes sure to create her own identity and not fall under the same category as Katy Perry. By adding a variety of vocals and beats highlighting her talents,  she proves to us that you can be any kind of performer that you want to be.

Released on December 10th, 2013, Lea Michele’s  Louder consists of 11 tracks and is priced reasonably at $10.99 on iTunes. The deluxe version, on the other hand, consists of 14 tracks, raising the price to $12.99. With songs like “Don’t Let Go” a personal favorite, Michele has a way of creating a new and improved image for herself with this album.

I know that I’m definitely “On My Way” to buying this album on iTunes.


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