BHHS student awarded scholastic gold key, honorable mention

She walks across the stage as her name echoes from the microphone. “Jillian Terebelo from Bloomfield Hills High School…”

“It’s the highest honor in the competition. If you do something they find amusing, you get a gold key. I got the key for one of my poetry excerpts along with an honorable mention for one of my photos. I guess they thought what I did was interesting.” Terebelo explains.

With over five thousand individual entries in The 2014 Scholastic Art Exhibit, Terebelo was awarded a scholastic gold key and an honorable mention during the award ceremony on February 11th.

“I do artistic stuff all the time, I’m always doodling random pictures or writing stories. My process never really ends, I just continue on. I’m always looking for new projects and things to create,” Tereblo describes.

She continues,“I’m bipolar. It’s very difficult for people to understand what it’s like. When I wrote my first book, it was all about bipolar disorders and how it has affected my life, what I see on a day-to-day basis and how it’s changed my viewpoint on a lot of matters. Writing is cool to me, because I can explain to people how things looked and felt to me.”

The next step for Tereblo is to wait for the national ceremony on June 6th at Carnegie Hall, where thousands of contestants’ works are to be judged.


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