How Cold is Too Cold?

Laying in his bed, he continues to enjoy yet another day of relaxation.

“I found it kind of nice because I have a pretty rigorous schedule,” explains senior Shwan Alhowarmi who tweets Gl3ass often. “The snow days were a nice way of easing back into the mentality of school after break.”

According to superintendent Rob Glass, whose role is to decide if a snow day is necessary, strongly believes that, “safety is the most important thing in determining a snow day. We want to keep students safe whether they’re driving, riding a bus, or riding with their parents. The roads have been slippery, so it was a good call for the snow days we’ve had.”

Agreeing with Glass, Alhowarmi also believes that the snow days we’ve had were well needed. “I absolutely believe the snow days have been necessary. It was the right amount of snow days, no more, no less. During the winter, my car has been sliding around, and it can be a danger to drive school.”

Principal Charlie Hollerith adds, “We would have jeopardized the safety of students and buses coming to and from school if we had school on those days.”
Keeping in mind that schools are required to be open for 1,098 hours each year, Glass says he pays attention to weather reports and has conference calls with other superintendents.“We discuss what other districts are planning to do and what the road conditions are. We make decisions no later than 4:45 or 5:00am. Then, I make the final decision on whether we’re going to close or stay open,” Glass explains.Although some students and administration may think the days off were needed, AP Psychology Professor Learmont passionately believes the three days off were determinantal to her classes. “As much as I love staying at home in my jammies, [the snow days] killed my schedule and threw off my lesson plans. AP students can’t afford any days off.”

“I personally don’t like canceling school, because [learning] is what students are here to do. We’re here to educate and school is important. On the other hand, I also have to look out for students safety,” concludes Glass.

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