Lark & Co. Review

Urban Outfitters, I have found an amateur trailing your footsteps, one that clearly cannot compete with you. Adding to the high-end boutiques that those in the Bloomfield Bubble waste money in is the newly opened general store, Lark & Co.

Located on 138 West Maple Road in downtown Birmingham, Lark & Co. sells everything from jewelry to quirky home accessories.

Walking into the store, I instantly felt surrounded by the sweet aroma of vanilla scented candles and uniquely crafted antiques. I noticed the wooden floors and walls decorated with inspiring quotes; the rich color scheme matched the calming indie music quietly playing in the background.

With the homey and welcoming environment of the store, I found the hostile attitude from the owner of the store quite ironic. His rude stares and short answers ultimately left me uncomfortable and in a rush to leave. Despite the discomfort I felt, I decided to continue my search of the store.

The colorfully knitted scarves ($40), embroidered bracelets ($30), and trendy handbags ($60) caught my eye, but so did their steep prices. However, if it wasn’t for the unfriendly service, I may have considered splurging on a few of the overpriced accessories anyway.

For the average high schooler, Lark & Co. exceeds the regular spending money the majority of us can afford. For those who don’t mind lavishly spending their savings on small quirky items, Lark & Co. may be a store worth visiting. The next time you happen to be roaming the streets of downtown Birmingham between the hours of 11am to 7pm, pop in if you don’t mind spending a small fortune.


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