Hammer Authority

Running down the sides of the bleachers they take their job very seriously as they wave the black and purple wooden hammer in the air.

“We are the leaders of the student section,” explains Rohan Sinha, senior member of the Hammer Authority. “It’s our mission to make our crowd as lively, vibrant, enthusiastic and intimidating as possible because that really does make a difference. We [encourage] people to go to the games and get them [to be] supportive and passionate about our sports teams.”

According to Sinha, Hammer Authority is a group of ten seniors responsible for maintaining and promoting student spirit at sports events. Sinha says the group is not just continuing an old tradition but also trying to involve new students as well.

“I got a call one night asking if I’d be interested and why I would be qualified for it. I was very honored because I know they don’t just pick anyone,” recalls senior Emily Young, now a member of Hammer Authority. “Everyone’s very welcoming and enthusiastic; it’s only a month into the school year, and I feel very close with the rest of the members.”

According to Sinha, the group works really well together and is trying to establish new traditions. Senior football player Khalil Gracey believes it is working. He explains, “I think we have some of the best student sections in Michigan. Hammer Authority gets my team pumped up and boosts our confidence. We play better when we have a crowd.”

Agreeing with Gracey, varsity cheerleader senior Ki’Ruh Tyus describes, “The players have more spirit and feel like people are supporting them. They have the courage to play better.”

“Hammer Authority brings the whole crowd and gets everyone pumped up,” Young adds. “I think all of us together rooting for the team gives them the motivation to play well. It’s an honor to be [a part of] Hammer Authority, and it means that I’m representing Bloomfield Hills High School. It’s up to us to leave a lasting impression of how we want the following years to follow in our footsteps.”


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